07 May 2012

A Seedling Swap

On Saturday, I ran the DC State Fair Seedling Swap, a now-annual event in the spring that gets experienced and new gardeners together to share knowledge about gardening, meet their neighbours, and encourage new gardeners to get planting.

I brought some of my black peanuts, Sea Island brown cotton, and cowhorn okra from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, as well as a single borage seedling and a few Brown Turkey fig cuttings that I picked up and rooted during the winter. I also had some donations from local businesses and gardeners to help new gardeners get started in the soil this year.

The swap went amazingly well--more than 30 people showed up to participate, and we nabbed a few others who were just wandering by at the farmers' market we were holding the swap at. I met several members of the community gardens I belong to--one even offered to sing to me while tending to the plots. I definitely plan on cashing in on that ticket!

After the first few rounds of random-number calling, I stepped back and let the swappers have at it. Only three seedlings were left at the end--two artichokes, donated by Kuhn Orchards, one of the market vendors, and another seedling (perhaps it was a tomato?). I nabbed one of the artichokes--I've never cooked with them before, never even tried to grow them, but they are beautiful plants if nothing else!


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