04 September 2012

Anthurium scandens Seedlings

The Anthurium scandens I got for my birthday had three inflorescences on it--one was already full of ripening berries, the other two will be soon, hopefully.

A week or so after I got the plant, I took the berries from the one inflorescence and popped them open like zits (a quite satisfying experience), smearing the seeds over moist long-fibre sphagnum in a Chinese-food takeout tray.

Two weeks later, this is what's growing! A bunch of baby Anthurium scandens! By springtime, they might be large enough to sell on eBay.


Wow, they're fully thriving! Funnily, they plus the sphagnum moss look a bit like takeaway food, lol. :)

It does look a little like fried rice with bean sprouts, perhaps that has been sitting out just a tad too long.

Looks like shredded chicken with alfalfa & mayonnaise. Delicious! lol

i thought its an briyani..

A special food in india

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