March Showers Bring... March Flowers

That just doesn't sound right. Clearly whoever came up with "April showers bring May flowers" was a liar, a meanie, and didn't live in the mid-Atlantic region. We have been getting flowers for weeks. Besides the daffodils, we have crocuses, magnolia, random little bushes, tulips, cherry blossom (the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts today and I'm going out this afternoon/early evening as a volunteer to make people recylce), and many others that I don't pretend to know what they are.

So, here, today, I have for you a small selection of my favourite March flowers around Washington, DC! I'll bring more about the Cherry Blossoms at a later date.

I took this photo with my phone. I don't know what these are, but they are so striking, and right near my apartment! Since I took this picture the other day, I've seen these flowers in two other places around here.

Here's a close-up, also with my phone.

These little cuties were growing on Q Street, near New Hampshire. I had just run into my German teacher on her bike, so when the light changed and she took off, I saw these little blue beauties and had to get up close with them! 8 August Update: I was flipping through a random flower catalog, and I came across these: Scilla siberica. I am buying them.

They are only a few inches tall, and my camera was going bat-shit crazy trying to figure out the zoom when I got up close, so this is the best I could do.

This is a magnolia tree, right? For someone who loves plants so much, I'm not so good at identifying common ones that have grown around me my entire life. I mean, I know Echinocystis lobata, wild cucumber, but that's just 'cause I spent my first semester at university working with it. Anyway, these trees are very popular in DC. We have several outside of my office building. This particular one is in front of my DM's condo (I was confused last weekend, we are actually playing D&D; tomorrow, but it was a beautiful day, so I didn't mind making the trek!).

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4 Responses to March Showers Bring... March Flowers

  1. The top pictures are of species tulips. The last one is a magnolia. The little blue ones look like a woodland flower.

  2. Wonderful! I thought it was a tulip, but I'm used to the standard, closed-up varieties, I guess. Thank you for the IDs, Louise!

  3. Oh yeah, we are also getting a bonanza of flowers here in the Norfolk area. It seemed like overnight everything decided it was Spring and sprung right up. My first tulip opened yesterday (though I admit it is a paltry little thing). Great pics!

  4. Hiya,

    The small "QT's" from Q Street are called Scilla's or Squills ( to stay with the letter Kew).
    Your phone takes remarkably good pictures.



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