Did Anyone Order Some Drum Circles?

So, I guess they weren't circles, per se. But as a side note, I'm deeply red from the whole enjoying 30+ degree weather all day without sunblock.

I went to the U.S. National Arboretum's plant sale on Saturday. I bought some dwarf Begonias (Little Darling and Puffy Cloud, although that one seems to be misnamed because I can't find information about it anywhere), a Trachilospermum asiatica (Dwarf Climbing Jasmine), and a Scilla violaceae, all from Meehan's Miniatures. I also bought four types of sundew seeds, three native to Maryland (Drosera intermedia Bird's Nest Sundew; Drosera filiformis var. filiformis Thread Leaf Sundew; Droseris capillaris Pink Sundew) and one from South Africa (Drosera capensis Cape Sundew). I sowed these in half coke bottles and taped some plastic wrap over them to create mini greenhouses; the seeds will take 70+ days to germinate, the packets say. But, in less than... Half a year, I will be controlling insect populations using natural methods--more plants!

Speaking of plants, a friend and I went around with some soybean, sunflower, and sugar snap pea seeds and put 'em in some dirt in the neighbourhood. Let's see how they turn out, eh?

But on to the drums.

This is... I don't know, I was on the bus going back home one day after buying stuff from the Garden District. It was last weekend, 18 April (I can tell because it's nice out in the video; it has been rainy and overcast every single workday for the past few weeks). I thought it was fun, so I shot a video out of the window of the bus.

At the Arboretum's plant sale, this group of children kept the crowds pretty well entertained. The kids' drumming was pretty awesome, and then some of them started dancing!

While walking to the farmer's market today (Sunday), I came upon this drumming group, too, but I didn't stick around too long--there was food to be bought, and I had been entertained similarly the day before, so it was less novel.

We really like our percussion groups here in DC!

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2 Responses to Did Anyone Order Some Drum Circles?

  1. Oh, you aren't the only one with a little extra rosiness on the cheeks! We went from chilly to 90 degrees in less than a week. Go figure. But it sure was nice to putter about the yard in the sunshine.

  2. LoL, well, Christy, you are my neighbour. It's almost insufferable today--the weekend was alright, but today, for some reason, the heat seems oppressive, it it weighty, the brightness of the sun overwhelms and the moist heat wraps around you, suffocating you, like being wrapped in an ever-tightening damp sheet.

    Maybe it's that I have to work today instead of be outside to enjoy the mire?



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