Ding Dong, The Witch Is... Decorating

Well, I don't know if it's the palm reader, but someone is. I walked by Mr. Yogato today after the farmers' market (I went early, so I have to go back to Mr. Yogato this afternoon for my frozen yogurt--my flavour came out on Wednesday!). I saw a little butterfly stuck in the ground and taped at the back. It isn't holding on very well, so I'm going to attach it more thoroughly when I go back this afternoon. The lawn chair is the palm reader's, so that's why I assume it's she who is decorating the planter bed.

It makes me oddly proud that my few minutes of attention to bare soil is being respected and even added to by people whom I don't even know. The fact that others out there value vegetation and the work of others, well, that's incredibly special to me. I mean, I have noticed little dog paw prints, the occasional heel print, and one single high-heel print (really? high heels? come on, DC!), but these plants have been here for a week, the mint is not limp anymore, and they're growing. They survived near-freezing temperatures and two weekends of rowdy DC crowds.

The chalk art? Clearly done by some of the locals. It looks nothing like the chalk Mona Lisa I walked all over as a guy was finishing it in Köln. But it's wonderful that people want to beautify the area. I think I might also get my hands dirty in the tree bed across the sidewalk. It has a tree in it, but I can get low-light-loving plants to put in there. Does Mr. Yogato regret allowing me to plant? We'll see. Oh, we'll see.

Just to compare the skill, pure artistry, and level of love for the community that these two chalk portraitures exemplify. But the fact that DC even has chalk drawings, I think that's a good step in the right direction! Mona Lisa was right outside of the Hauptbahnhoff, near the Münster. It's a really high-traffic area, and I was the only one (being from the DC area, originally) who ignored the "crazy guy" on all fours and walked over the chalk without noticing it. People who are from here definitely have this conscious unconsciousness thing going on--we often ignore what's directly in front of our faces, like the homeless or the effects that our actions have globally. It's that exact mindset that leads to lack of community, and community is so incredibly important in creating a better future for ourselves and for the kiddies, who will be deciding global policy shortly enough.

So if we all just walk around putting conscious effort into ignoring everything around us... How will we build community?

So, I repeat. It makes me feel wonderful that someone noticed my effort and chose to help in her or his own way. That's what this is all about.

Post Scriptum: For those of you who might have read this in the first hour of its posting, I added a photo and a few paragraphs. I wanted to show the Mona Lisa (comparison of American and German chalk art), but then I went on a rant.

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One Response to Ding Dong, The Witch Is... Decorating

  1. A good and thought-provoking rant though.Reminds of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner.



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