Earth Month

Rosengeranium over at the Indoor Gardener tagged me in a meme. I didn't know what a meme was, but Wikipedia helped out. Rickrolling is apparently a meme, as is religion (so say some).

But anyway, in the blogosphere, a meme seems more like a chain letter (close your eyes for five seconds, blog about it, then pass it on). This meme is about Earth Month (April). I must post five things I can do to help the environment and blog about it. It's also a contest; some lucky blogger will win a Brita gift pack.

For someone living in the states, I'm pretty environmentally friendly already, but there are always ways to improve! So, here are my five things!

  1. Stop using public transportation to get to/from work. I will walk. I know the bus isn't using any more or less energy whether I'm on it or not, but reducing my dependence on any form of fossil-fueled transportation is a bonus, right?
  2. Keep my new worms alive so I can compost as much organic "waste" as possible.
  3. Cut down the time I spend in the shower by five to ten minutes. I am horribly groggy and slow in the morning--taking shorter showers is the area in my life that needs the most improvement!
  4. Don't eat out. Purchase food only from local farmers (at the farmers' market) to reduce fossil fuels necessary for food transportation. Vendors at the farmers' market I go to also tend to use less pesticides and use organic growing practices.
  5. Green my city with edible and beautiful plants to encourage others to respect the environment and eat healthy!

Who shall I tag?

First and foremost, the Urban Self-Sufficientist! He has a wonderful setup at his home, and I really enjoy reading about his adventures. I'd love to hear about the awesome ideas he would come up with for Earth Month!

Next up is the 6x8 Garden. Her blog inspired me to start my indoor garden, and although she doesn't update often, I am certain this would be right up her alley.

I can't leave out Growing Human. I'm also really interested in what she'd come up with as five ways to be environmentally friendly (friendlier).

I will tag Garden Amateur and A Leafy Indulgence as well.

I hope y'all have a fun go of it!

FYI, Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22. Go nuts!

Here are the rules from the FilterForGood blog, the originator of the meme:

"The rules are simple. If you’re tagged, post five things you plan to do for the environment this Earth Month on your blog. At the end of your list, tag five of your favorite blogs, and include a link back to this post using the hyperlinked text “FilterForGood Blog Meme Contest.” Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs, or on their Twitter accounts (using the hash tag #FFGBlogMeme). Also, be sure to include these rules at the bottom of your post."

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4 Responses to Earth Month

  1. Ooo! Sounds fun. Count me in!

  2. haha- this is cool Kenneth, thanks for the shout out. As soon as I feed my hamsters they can start running on their wheels and I can come up with something. You have some great ideas.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I abstain from memes, ( I thought this meant "me, me, me, myself" sort of thing :-)
    because I hate to inflict them on others.
    Still, I would like to submit my post on water management,a regimen I have followed every day for a good number of years.
    Take a look here and laugh.
    I could easily add another five measures we take or will take soon.
    You may also enjoy the link in that post to Gardening Gone Wild.



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