Flaming Fiasco, Excitement At Work!

Less than an hour ago, a building was on fire about two blocks from the White House (although the garden is a few blocks further removed)--that makes it pretty close to my building, too.

Smoke surged up the street, blanketing the buildings as if they were floating in a murky cloud of burnt marshmallows. Looking out the windows of my building, offices, streets, and people were veiled within the billowing gray clouds. The morass muffled the sirens' warble as fire trucks and cop cars raced to the blaze, onlookers gasping and crowding on the sidewalk for a peak at the commotion.

By the time I finished stuff and was able to escape from work, however, there were just fire trucks and police cars, nothing really exciting.

I was disappointed. And then I felt bad. I'm a total rubbernecker, looking for excitement in others' disasters. Schadenfreude, right?

Picture from my mobile phone to come after I get home. No pictures, sorry! They're too blurry and small to make out any detail. Too bad I didn't bring my camera to work, eh?

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3 Responses to Flaming Fiasco, Excitement At Work!

  1. Disaster brings out the poet in you, it seems.

    Hot of the press: I haven't even seen it on CBN yet.

  2. Apparently it was a kitchen fire at a reasonably priced expensive restaurant.

    Click here for the Washington Post's version of events. The Washington Post headquarters is just down the street (on 15th) from the restaurant, too!

  3. Glad you are safe and it didn't get your place all smoky too!



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