I'm In!

In...sane? No, I'm in for vermicomposting!

I just bought half a pound of red wigglers from Planet Natural, in Bozeman, Montana, where one of my best friends goes grocery shopping (it's two hours from where she lives, but still, apparently, the closest grocery store to where she lives and works--Yellowstone's Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center! I never get over how cool that is.).

That's about 500 or so worms. They will ship not this Monday but next Monday, 13 April. So I should have them on Tuesday or Wednesday, 14 or 15 April. I did a LOT of research. I'm convinced. If given proper aeration, moisture, and food, the worms will take care of massive quantities of paper and kitchen scraps that would otherwise be recycled or wasted here. And without a fly or smell problem! And, hey, if I get flies, I'll just get an Anole or other such lizard friend. I was thinking of that, or a couple predatory plants, when I had my fungus gnats. You never know what pests might arise in an indoor garden, but it'd be great to have a few preemptive measures in place for the eventuality.

I cannot wait to add worm tea and worm castings to my little planties! And oh my gods, I won't feel bad at all about tossing out potato shavings and onion tops! It has been almost two years since I lived somewhere where composting was a province-wide mandate. I didn't do it myself at home--the compost was collected on trash day and taken to compost facilities, but even so, I knew it was going on and I wasn't just dumping all those good, usable nutrients into a trash heap.

Now, not only will I have pets, I will get to put all those "waste" nutrients back into the food chain!

I have no qualms whatsoever of putting trash in a plastic bin, having it rot and get eaten by worms only to have it pooped out, applied to my garden, and eaten by me. Worm poop? Delicious!


01:22 AM Update

The worm? I wanted it to wrap. It's almost not worth it. I had to change the entire template in regards to how images are presented on this blog. Not a big complaint, really, because I hate borders and am happy I figured out how to remove the random extra padding at the bottom of photos, but images might end up a bit wonky for a while as I adjust to having to manually key in certain things if I want them.

If you want to know how to do something like the worm on blogger, well... Go here and view the source code for the page (make sure you have image-editing software too--even Paint might work), then go here, and try to work it out. It will take some time to figure it out on your blog, but once you do, you can get cool word-wrapping pictures like this wormy-worm!


18 May, 2009 update

I'm redoing the blog design. The worm no longer shows up properly, and I'm probably not going to get around to fixing it anytime soon.

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4 Responses to I'm In!

  1. Few pets are as easy going as worms. I can forget them for a couple of days or even a week or two - thay stay happy in their bins and survives as is they've had daily care.

    (I'm impressed by the worm. I'm too lazy and stay content with center the picture on top of the text.)

  2. Aha! How long have you had yours? How often do you collect compost? Details!

    I am excited. I always liked worms! And, seriously, I feel horrible about just throwing away organic waste. Thirdly, I'm planning on having a "Welcome the Worms" party. :-D

  3. Hiya Ken,

    NINE images to make one measly worm???
    Surely there ought to be a quicker way to do this.
    What about a trans gif?

  4. nope, transparent gifs don't work! I tried. It's easier to cut the image up than it is to assign indent parameters to the paragraphs so they properly wrap no matter what text size/monitor size/web browser/etc... But apparently it won't show up in Safari, so I probably won't be going through the 20 minutes of effort to make these wrapping images.



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