It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

It is ridiculously wonderful out today. Clear blue skies and radiant sunshine for the first time this week, a nice 18 degrees, and an incredible breeze!

I am, however, getting a tad tired with the tulips and disinterested with the daffodils. The cherry blossoms and magnolias are leaving little swaths of floral carnage on sidewalks and grassy inclines. Soon, other plants and trees will have their turn to incite wonder in the eyes of those who are drawn to such beauty.

But today, I took only a few photos. So I will supplement them with others from last Sunday, when it was also beautiful out (after the thunderstorms, of course). The cherry blossom post will be later... I'm volunteering to help recycle again next weekend, so I should have a good array of photos from throughout the two weeks of the festival/blooming period!

So, let's start with last weekend.

Every other Sunday, more or less, I stand across from this house waiting for the bus to take me to D&D. I find this house to be incredibly creepy. Brightly coloured, it's probably meant to evoke a sense of perpetual childlike spirit. The lawn decoration of stacked tricycles and the lonely tricycle hung over the awning (top right), however, seem so much to me like tribal warning signs such as a pile of enemy skulls. It's more like the evil witch's gingerbread house than a place of enjoyment! Watch out, kids, these folks'll eat you!!

That's what I think whenever I look at this house. I'm almost scared to meet the owners.

These shy little cuties refused to smile up at me. Maybe it has something to do with being behind a wire fence, or underneath the splendor that is a cherry blossom tree. Either way, these daffodils are of a miniature variety. One of the Rules of Cuteness is if an everyday item makes you look small, it's cute. Anything can be cute, if it's tiny enough. Even though I'm tired of the standard daffodils that have been around for the past month or so, these ones are just too small and cute to ignore!

Do magnolias come in bush form? I think these are magnolias, or related plants. Again, I'm not up on anything plant-related, unless it's vegetable growing. I can't even identify herbs.

The bush was located near my D&D DM's condo. It was pretty, and windy, so it was difficult to obtain photos! Now, the petals of the flowers are likely scattered all over the grass in front of the building.

My latest in the photograph-the-sun-while-it-is-partially-obscured-by-something series. I enjoy the green tinges on the ends of the branches of this tree. I'm looking forward to the next month or so, when everything explodes into growth!

I walked past... No, I slowly and greedily checked the stock in the Garden District's outdoor store. Most of it is for flowerbeds and front-yard-type landscaping. I came across this Gynura aurantiaca, Purple Passion plant, and I thought "Hm..." I didn't buy it, but I'm thinking about it. It's the only thing that struck my fancy, and apparently it makes a good houseplant. I don't have any houseplants, so it might be nice, y'know?

What, seriously! I don't have any houseplants! I have plants in my house, but no houseplants. I will be that nitpicky, thank you very much. As if I truly need more vegetative growth here... But as I have said before, there are few things that I excel at keeping alive. I'd probably accidentally kill it.

This was an attempt at a closeup of the beautiful purple velvety leaves. They feel awesome and are intensely coloured.

I will stop by after work on Monday. If it's meant to be, one will be left. Or I'll have them keep one for me when the next shipment arrives. This is why I don't shop... I buy things. It's bad.

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7 Responses to It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

  1. LoL Thank you!

    I must give credit, however, to the bright sun, the beautiful plants, and Paint Shop Pro 7. All three combined turn these photos into gems. But it's not just blurring/sharpening the photos, I'm learning how to use my Fujifilm F60FD, too. When I found that "closeup flower" setting, I just about soiled myself with happiness.

    Taking pictures is fun!

  2. I use to do alot of darkroom work back in the day in my bathroom. It was fun burning Black and white prints. It took me awhile to accept Digital but I love it. It doesn't matter if you refine the pics, because that in itself takes a sense of creativity, imagination and vision. If I could learn how to use that software I would be Nutz!!

  3. Really beautiful! I love the bold colors, and the sun through the trees is stunning.

  4. I worked for an architect in another smaller town who painted his own home in similar colors. His neighbors called it the 'clown house.' Great advertising - everyone knew the house and knew an architect lived there. And, the architect was color-blind - no joke!!!
    I need to include you on my blogroll list of nearby blogs.

  5. Normally I shy away from bright colours, but for some reason I love this house front, even the stacked up trikes sculpture appeals to me.
    Magic waves emenating from there, obviously.
    Please take a picture (with your phone if needs be) when you see somebody come out of that door. I am curious as to who lives there.
    Does the local council not object to such a bright scheme?

  6. Star Magnolia for sure. I don't know any that stay low permanently but I'm sure there are some around. There are some Saucer Magnolias which only get to 9-12 feet tall ('Susan', 'Ricki') so I'm sure there's similar with Star Magnolias.



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