Twitchy Critters

I love squirrels. I want one as a pet when I grow up. Er, get a house. Another house. One that I pay for myself. And isn't a townhouse.

I prefer more of a log cottage-type home in the mountains, in a clearing in a forest near a stream. So I will have lots of squirrels there.

But, for the moment, I get to stalk the cute little twitchy rodents here in DC! While waiting for a friend to come down to go to the farmers' market with me, I paparrazied the local wildlife. Then I put the photos together with some the first couple seconds of a 6-minute-long remix of a song by a band I'm going to see on Thursday. (It's the Komodo remix of the song "Stakeout," by Freezepop. It is an absolutely perfect theme song for a squirrel. The first few seconds don't include my favourite line: "From far away I check you out." So stalky.)

I swear, I'm working on the soybean plant profile. It is hard to decide what to include and what not to include. It's already 825 words, and I haven't even gotten into any information about growing it, I just talk about random fungal and bacterial infections. I know I'm pretty wordy, but hell, that's ridiculous.

Random mention number two: I replaced the puppy-killing pregnancy-remedy mint with some spearmint at Mr. Yogato. I don't want people spontaneously aborting if they're preggers (unless they want to), and I don't want everyone's pet to die (unless it's their choice, of course). Spearmint is a much better option. (By the way, the Man of Yogurt at Mr. Yogato let me know that he has a Google alert set up, so he knows about the seed surprises, because he knew about the post... A shame.)

So, hier ist das Eichhörnchen (here is the squirrel).

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3 Responses to Twitchy Critters

  1. KENNNN!!! It's Erin! I LOVE THE SQUIRREL VIDEO! I too want one for a pet! Better yet, a flying squirrel!!!

  2. Ha! MandErin Orange!

    One of my coworkers has two sugar gliders. What do you think about them? I thought they'd be nice, but the whole pouch thing... I'd rather have a nice, unpouched critter running around, y'know?

  3. OMG!!! Sugar glider is at the TOP of my list! Even before hamster! I love their eyes! I like the pouch! Just think, you could put the little strawberries that you are growing in front of yogato in their pouch and watch them fly around! heheheh! Seriously though, I want a sugar glider so bad! Can I play with your coworkers' sometime!!?!???



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