The White House Garden

To start, I have been really busy. My German class just started up again and there has been a confluence of other random events.

I am still working on the informational posts, but I think I am readjusting the time frame--basically, they'll come when they come. Getting the information just in list form is pretty difficult, and I want it to be at least a little bit reliable. I'm looking into a few books at the moment.

Yesterday during lunch, I walked with a coworker down to the White House to see if we could spy the kitchen garden Michelle put in.

At first, all I saw was a beehive, which I thought was nifty, and a bit surprising, but not what I wanted. The Obamas (and all Presidential families, I guess) do have a beautiful yard, however. But if I were President, I think most of you know what I'd do to all that wasted land that is full of grass... Yeah, that's right, I'd plant an orchard, have a vegetable garden (a larger variety of vegetables than just lettuce and herbs), maybe a little hedge maze (or a corn maze!).

I keep thinking "Dang, the Obamas should plant pumpkins, y'know, 'cause it's one of the few plants native to North America that we still maintain in our diet." And just think--if they grow their own pumpkins, they could bake pumpkin pies and auction them off for $1 trillion each to friendly nations so we can reduce our national debt!

Anyway, that's crazy-talk. The kitchen garden that Michelle put in is hidden behind shrubbery/tree-ery. Of course, the dense vegetation is also behind a fence through which I was taking these photos. So if you click on the picture above, you might be able to see a sliver of the garden through the trees.

I think as the summer goes on, less will be visible as the shrubs and trees fill out with leaves. But I'm excited--maybe I can be a community volunteer to help take care of the garden?

More crazy talk. But hey, you never know.

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2 Responses to The White House Garden

  1. Kenneth- My wife and I have to live vicarously through you. So when you can keep us updated on the white house garden. Only the stuff thats not in the main stream media. I think it's awesome you have access to all those cool things. I miss DC

  2. You probably know that Prince Charles has a totally organic farm (300 acres), don't you? So there is a precedent of sorts.
    Sadly, we can't glimpse it over the wall, but they did a TV series about it a few years back.



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