Will Flower For Food

No? I also do impersonations. I'll run for policital office! Anything!

... I don't know either. It just seemed like the thing to say. All these flowers seem to be scrambling for any spotlight they can get, like they'll do anything at all just for their few seconds of fame, or for anything else, for that matter. So gaudy, so bright, so... pretty!

Here's a short Photo Shoot. I have some pretty nice pictures queuing up, and I don't want to wait too long to share them, or else other, newer, more beautiful flowers will be out!

The only reason I know that these are of the Centaurea genus is because I read the PATSP blog pretty religiously for the past few months. I recognized them, but of course I had to check back to the recent post to identify them. I don't know if the white bits will turn blue as PATSP's are, but Google says this one is C. montana "Amethyst in Snow." I think they're pretty!

These? No clue. The flowers are ridiculous, however... It's like doing fractals!

It's almost insect-like, with creepy slimy legs. But it was really wet yesterday when I took this photo, so maybe they aren't as gooey as they seem. Very intense red bits, however, and a unique flower, so I'm intrigued by them.

Tulips with a pink flowering tree in the background. I liked the layered effect of having the tulip in the foreground while focusing the picture on the tree.

And then I decided it would be nicer to have a matching colour in the shot.

But then I thought "Whoa, lemme get a look in here!"

This tulip, however, is letting it all hang out. Like Britney.

So. These Violas take a while to track down. I don't know if they have a variety name, or heck, even a species name. People just call them "purple and white pansy." I'm cool with that. This one is missing a petal, so it looks like a Mardi Gras mask!

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5 Responses to Will Flower For Food

  1. Could I ask you to take a picture for me at Dumbarton Oaks?
    If it is still there and open to the public.
    What I saw there umpteen years ago, before I gardened myself, was a white large-flowered clematis, draped horizontally over a balustrade.
    That was something I had never seen before: clematis was always vertical and climbing rather than level and draped. It stayed in my mind for years.
    Probably not in flower yet and I don't know how far away you are from that garden.

  2. My coworker, literally ten minutes ago, just suggested I check the tulip beds at Dumbarton Oaks.

    I will look for the clematis (I'll google it first; I recognize the name, but can't picture it. I really want to take a horticulture course to figure out what these things are!).

    The garden is about a mile or so away from where I work. I'll go there one day (this week?) after work and see what I can see!

    I also plan on seeing if I can peek in to the White House garden. It might be an adventure. :-D It might be visible. Maybe I'll see Michelle or the kids weeding?

  3. If you do you could give them some tips on indoor vegetable gardening :) The flowers are lovely! Pansies are favourite flowers of mine, I use them as table decorations for the Easter table. Did you know that the english had a flower ship class during WW2 - corvettes designed to hunt submarines. It's said that the crew of HMS Pansy were caught up in fist fights pretty often...

    I tagged you in a meme to see what you're doing for earth month :) There are prizes involved -- Hope you'll join in :)

  4. I have this telepathy gift.
    Unfortunately it never works at the races :-)

  5. I guess the second and third picture of the "fractal" flowers is a kind of euphorbia.

    Nice spring pictures anyway!




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