Am I A Good Father?

I bought a lot of testing equipment today--a thermometer/hygrometer (to measure humidity), a moisture probe to see when I should water, and pH testing capsule things.

The temperature is around 27 Celsius (80 Fahrenheit)--excellent for the things that have decided that they'd like to grow, but a little hot for the cool-weather crops that I keep trying. The humidity? 80% (or higher--the meter only goes to 80%). (The recommendation for human comfort? 40 to 50%.) I think that's good for a lot of plants--I probably don't have to worry about misting anything, not that I did anyway.

I'm testing the soil pH right now--I think about 6.5 agrees with everything I am trying to grow. Potatoes apparently like it a bit more acidic, but everything else is mostly within that 6 to 7 range. Annnnnnd, the thing came back kind of pee-yellow with a tint of green. So, that means it's probably closer to 6 (yellow) than 7 (green). 5 is orange, and 8 is blue. So the pH is perfect!

The moisture meter... Geez, I watered last about four or six days ago, and the moisture meter reads an average of 8 out of 10 on the moisture scale.

With the high level of humidity and the water-retaining soil, I need not to water often!

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2 Responses to Am I A Good Father?

  1. Wow, you seem like one of those fastidious over-protective good fathers! I'm very much in awe. Good job!

  2. Thanks AJSR! But my children must grow up and reproduce (so I can eat them). I think I'll leave 'em be for a while



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