America's Favourite Farmers' Markets Contest

So, I was alerted about this contest by some guy who wanted me to vote for his market in Virginia.

Of course, I couldn't rightly do that, 'cause I had never been, and I have to vote for my real favourite, which is Dupont Circle's Freshfarm Market. I worked for a French bakery there every Sunday for almost four months in the summer of 2006--it was always my most exhausting and most fun market to work at (plus the most money at the end of the day!). I know Freshfarm Markets is a chain, pretty much, but the vendors at all the Freshfarm markets are local, produce the food they sell, and the produce is generally organically grown if not actually certified organic. From my trip to Ottawa, I realize that this is not how all "farmers' markets" are run, so Freshfarm Markets has extra points in my book for enforcing quality and only allowing producers of the food in to sell. None of this buying carrots in bags at the store, ripping open the bags, and displaying them in a basket for sale. Ridiculous, that.

So, I encourage y'all to vote for your own favourite market, if you have one. I don't know what they win, beyond a little web graphic they can put on their websites and some tote bags to give away to market-goers. But that's totally cool--I'd love another free tote bag!

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