Beans, Beans, Good For The Heart

With so many failures on my part and hundreds of seedlings dead by my hand (intentionally or otherwise), it's nice to have something that appreciates you and rewards you for your work.

Despite being an accidental, yet joyful, discovery, the beans from my cabinet (saved from being soups or stews) have sprung forth vigorously and are now producing prolifically.

I do have my favourite things to eat, and they aren't always beans, but my favourite, most rewarding (both in potential harvest and in warm fuzzies) crop is definitely my beans.

Then again, what will I say when summer hits? I don't even know when certain things are supposed to be planted--I only recently came to understand that despite growing indoors, the outdoor temperatures and light really do play a large role in how and when my garden grows. I had just assumed that I could pretend it's whatever season I want it to be and grow everything at the same time.

Plants really make you humble. They will grow when they want, they will fruit when they want, and they will die if you don't know how to take care of them.

So. Tomatoes: check. Beans: check. Basil, arugula, mint, lemon geranium, dwarf climbing jasmine, nasturtium, and South African squill: check.

Everything else still has an empty square next to it that I hope to fill in in the coming weeks/months/years.

Do wish me luck!

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2 Responses to Beans, Beans, Good For The Heart

  1. Your blog gave me a new idea of growing beans in my own garden. Thanks

  2. Enjoy those beans! When you grow them yourself, well, they just taste better. At least so I think. :)




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