Black Or White: A Tribute To Jakko

I was going to make a joke about the title of my previous post today, which describes Jakko pretty accurately (he of the plastic inorganic body). But Michael Jackson was a very important part of my university experience. He brought me and my close friends even closer, and he graced my computer's desktop for years (he's still the background on my desktop computer, not that I use it.).

He deserves more respect than he'll get, from me or anyone else. So here's a video of "Black or White" by Michael Jackson to listen to and watch while reading about my black and white beans!

(You have to see the part with Macaulay Culkin in it from a different version of the video to understand why the heck there's a fat guy in a chair landing in Africa. Also, I love how badly the dancers were spliced in with Jakko.) Video removed 'cause Youtube was all like "Video removed." You can rest now, Michael. Peace out.

So, this might be small for most people (who seem to be harvesting tomatoes, sugar snap peas, whole heads of lettuce, enough basil to drown Italy in pesto, and such), but it shows me that I can grow more than just baby arugula and sasquatch tomato plants in my apartment! Tonight, I harvested one pod of navy beans and one pod of black beans.

This is what all the pods looked like last week. The leaves all had some spots on them--I noticed many of what seem to be pycnidia (little fungal reproductive pores on leaves), so I was just like "ugh, whatever." When the pods started turning yellow, I almost freaked out. But I waited, because I remembered that the pods have to dry out before you can harvest them. I must say, however, that kidney beans, navy beans, and black beans just don't seem to be edible other than as dry beans--wherever I got the information that said otherwise for that bean plant profile must be crazy. I guess I could have shelled the beans and tried to use them, but the pods were just so incredibly tough I didn't try.

These six black beans will go well in a soup with cilantro, tomato, and other yummy stuff!

And these three navy beans will grace a nice potato/onion/leek/other yummy stew.

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