CSA Today!

I got the first delivery from my CSA farm today, Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm.

Today? Garlic scapes, pak choi, Chinese cabbage, lettuce mix, chives, and... I don't know what it is. It was thunderstorming (even some hail!), so the board with all the items/amounts we should take was a little washed out. I have something in a bag that I don't know what it is. I'll just eat it later and find out.

But tonight, I made a stirfry with the pak choi, garlic scapes, and chives. First, I chopped the scapes and chives up and sauteed them in olive oil and a touch of salt. Then I diced some ginger I have in the fridge for sushi and tossed that in. I cut the pak choi stalks like celery and added those, then I sliced the leaves into about one-inch squares and added them last. I sauteed it all for a few minutes, put a dash of soy sauce in, and garnished with more ginger.

It turned out pretty well! I need a bit more food right now, but that was pretty tasty--and I just had three new things: garlic scapes, pak choi, and ginger in something other than sushi! I think I would add a few cloves of garlic, as well as some more substantial (and maybe colourful) veggies next time, and then put the whole thing over rice. But it's a good start; I'm a fan.

This CSA is going to make me cook so many new things, it excites me greatly! If you wish, check out Bull Run's site, they have a lot of good recipes (two of which I combined/modified to get this one) that are seasonal and seem pretty delicious.

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