Delivery Day!

I'm in a good gardening mood today. I received two wonderful packages today: an envelope full of seeds, and a T-shirt I won from Hanna at This Garden Is Illegal. She appeared on TV talking about tomatoes, and, I think, Troy Bilt offered her 100% organic cotton T-shirts to give out, one of which I won.

The seeds I paid for, of course. Chamaedorea elegans (parlor palm, for the office, of course), Acer palmatum var. viridis (laceleaf Japanese maple), Coffea kona (coffee plant, not arabica, 'cause the website said this variety is easier to grow indoors), Dicentra spectabilis (bleeding hearts, the standard variety, for my ma--shhh, don't tell her!), Gypsophila pacifica (pink baby's breath, also for my ma), Olea europaea (olive, 'cause I'm crazy), Perilla frutescens var. nankinensis (purple shiso, a Japanese herb-type thing loved by the Urban Self-Sufficientist), Tacca chantrieri (black bat flower, it looks crazy), Capsicum spp. (Bhut Jolokia Pepper, pretty spicy according to the info), and Fragaria x ananassa "Fragissimo" (strawberries, tryin' from seed this time, see if it works out).

Remember when I said I'm crazy and have the gardening bug, bad? Yeeeeahhhhh...

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