Everyone Goes Through Changes

And plants are no exception. My "Puffy Cloud" dwarf begonia seems to have reverted to something more... Well, decorative.

The one nursery I found via Google that lists "Puffy Cloud" begonias describes the plant as having dark coppery-black foliage. Mine actually kinda sorta started out that way. But the last two leaves have beautiful, tiny silver spots on them, making them look more like some sort of other angel-wing begonia.

I'm cool, either way. I'm just happy this begonia is doing so well--it is thriving in my office, especially now that I have the lamp with the grow bulbs on a timer (the newest leaf has more green, now, but it emerged during my weeklong vacation when the light wasn't on). The "Little Darling" begonia? It is not so happy in my office. It's not as amenable to frequent watering as "Puffy Cloud" is (the soil that the begonias have is very water retentive, but the other office plants have very quick-drying soil, but I water everything at the same time).

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