Leaf Cutter Ant?

I saw this ant crawling around in the window box near Mr. Yogato. I had put some dirt over the spearmint to try to encourage it to root from the stem, but that apparently made the ant lose its trail--it dropped the leaf and puttered around a bit, waving its little antennae around to see where it left its path.

Click to see a larger picture. I'm not sure exactly what the guy is carrying in his mouth--it's so pale, it couldn't be a fresh leaf. But some of the ivy(?) growing all along the wall has been losing leaves and they've been losing colour after they land in the planter, so maybe it's some of that. Or it could be part of a cigarette butt. You never know, I get to much random trash in these things.

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3 Responses to Leaf Cutter Ant?

  1. My bet would be part of a butterfly or moth wing, though it's hard to tell from the picture. I know I've seen ants disassembling butterflies before, at least.

  2. Hm, a moth wing makes a lot more sense than having leaf cutter ants this far north. I mean, I know DC is tropical during the summer... But it's often bitter and Canada-like in the winter. I don't think that's a good environment for leaf cutters!

    Even close up, the white thing just looked like a crinkled white piece of thin paper--so, maybe part of a moth wing. Or wax from someone using a candle in a pencil sharpener. People have stopped stepping in/dropping shit in the planters as the plants have become larger, but I still find pretty interesting stuff in there every now and then.

  3. The plot thickens :-)
    Maybe it is a snippet of Mr.Yogato's menu cards?
    Just wait a bit and there will me more. Ants, that is. (big smile).
    (email on its way).



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