The Living Dead

I am always impressed by plants that seem to survive against all the odds, like those lilies I bought the other week.

This story, however, is about some Rosaceae tree (apple or cherry or cherry blossom or something) growing in Malcolm X Park. I first noticed it during the winter, when it was barren. I thought it looked awesome, but dead. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I finally stopped by it again last weekend and noticed its leafy growth.

Despite the gnarled tree's size, there is a general lack of leafiness. But, there is still life left in this beast--even the oldest and ugliest of Nature's children can shoot new growth forth eagerly in the spring!

But not only is this tree surviving (if not thriving) itself, its rotting husk plays nurturer to other plants as well!

And here's a duck bathing itself in the waterfall thing.

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