Rhubarb And Runners

The rhubarb I was given from the National Arboretum's Youth Garden last Saturday is doing amazingly well! One of the two leaves it had got a little, er, bent in transit, but already the plant has a third leaf and a fourth coming up.

I have faith that this tiny guy will grow up to be gigantic, providing yummy pies for everyone in Dupont Circle! I have a fondness for plants that spread invasively. If all I have in this garden next year is spearmint, rhubarb, and strawberry, oh, I'll be happy!

And speaking of strawberry, this plant is sending out runners! (Sorry for the blurry quality, this is just a small cropping from a photo of my Datura.) Another plant had sent out a runner as well (over three feet long!), but I clipped it because it was getting too close to the Alternanthera, marigold, and verbena. So I put it in soil around the other strawberries. Hopefully it'll root, and if so, that's what I'll do with these runners too. You can see the peanut plant I put in last weekend on the right. I hope people with peanut allergies won't be affected by just the plant... Now I'm worried.

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