Some Excerpts

I had taken an almost-two-month break from logging plant events in my written notebook. I started up again a few weeks ago, because this blog isn't really where I want to record everything (like the frequent measurements of Cherokee and Ace, or noting that this and that germinated or died).

But occasionally, there are funny notes that I write down. I think they're funny. Just smile and nod. Thanks!

From 26 February: " 'No, screw that. I don't play this game. I'm sorry, seeds, but I'm throwing you away.' "

That was the fault of the fungus gnats, not the seeds. They were just collateral damage.

From 28 February: "Tried to finish planter--didn't work."

From 5 June: "Gods, pumpkin leaves are so yummy-smelling. I want to smell it all day. Hm... Office plant?"

No, of course not! Well, maybe. I'll try later. I e-mailed a specialty fragrance company suggested by my coworker to see if they had/had planned/could make pumpkin-plant-scented cologne. It's such a unique smell--not quite like the fruit, but kind of more... Light and earthy and heavy and delicious, all at once. I don't know the words to explain it (go rub your fingers on your own pumpkin leaf), and the company hasn't responded to me yet.

From 9 June: "I hope the sundew get so large that I can feed babies to them, like my mom and I were talking about on the phone the other day."

From 9 June: "so. many. flies. and gnats. and flies. and more gnats."

From 9 June: "2 eggplant seeds in 8" pot...germinated a few day ago. Some in planter, too, but I have little faith in those aphid oases."

Note, 11:20 AM: This post was written last night, I just set it to post this morning. Of course, this morning, I found aphids on the recently germinated eggplant in the planter. What's up with that? Dagnabbit.

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