I stopped by Malcolm X Park today. For the first day of summer, I decided to go buy some more plastic pots at Garden District. I knew there was going to be a big drum circle thing all day there, because there almost always is (apparently there was also the Sacred DC Festival there today), so I made a point to stop by for half an hour on my way downtown. There was yoga, tightrope walking, singers, dancers, drummers, kids with frisbees, ducks... All sorts of things!

So, please enjoy this video of drummers and dancers while viewing my pretty picture overload--a tribute to the spring that has passed and an excited look forward to the summer that awaits!

In no real particular order, here are some pretty flower pictures! I will only identify the ones I know; the rest, I assume most of you know. I would so greatly appreciate any identities in the comments!

Yesterday on my walk to the National Arboretum, I saw this amazing flower. It was, of course, pouring rain the entire time I was walking to and volunteering at the Youth Garden, but it doesn't diminish the cheerfulness of this... flower. Some sort of arum lily? Calla lily? What's the difference? And this one has some sort of hairdo issue going on in the background.

I was walking around today admiring yards after stopping by Malcolm X Park. The lilies in this person's yard are enormous! I swear, eight inches per flower. Every single plant grew like monsters--it's on S Street, just down the block from the Garden District's outdoor store. Coincidence?

From the same yard comes this pretty columbine. I like the combination of pink and yellow--it looks like two flowers mashed on top of one another, but it's all the same flower! I identified this flower ('cause, y'know, I don't know ornamentals) while I was taking a break waiting for the video upload to take place. I had just received my first issue of Garden Gate, a gardening magazine, and some columbine was on the second page. I think I impulse subscribed to the magazine a month or so ago; I hadn't remembered until I received the magazine in my mailbox the other day. Happy surprise!

This is a flower on my peanut plant in front of Mr. Yogato! I don't know if that's a part of the flower or a bug, that thing on the bottom left. I took this picture this evening, but I didn't notice anything on the flower until I got home. By the way, the Mr. Yogato garden is going C-R-A-Z-Y with growth.

Clematis is just so frackin' pretty. That is all.

Aw, look at these little petunias growing in a crack in the sidewalk! I went to Laurel, Maryland, on Friday to have dinner with my mother--neither of us has lived in Laurel for years and it's not remotely between us, but we often meet there for some reason.

I liked the vibrant colouring of this plant. It's in some hotel(?)'s front planter bed in Bethesda, Maryland. I noticed it while walking around after checking out the Bethesda farmers' market on Tuesday. That market was pretty small, but the people seemed nice and there was live music!

Surprise lily! It was hiding in the shadows of a potted bush--it looks almost as if the flower is floating in air.

From the same deck as the previous lily (which you can just see in the bottom left corner), this lily just looked so cool. I like the colour contrast, it looks like blood!

This lily is also from the same deck. I liked all the different varieties and how they were all grown in large terracotta pots--this is where I came upon the realization that I should grow lilies in my apartment!

I was walking around the Cleveland Park metro station area last weekend, and wonderful, colourful tree boxes caught my eye. There were a lot of these (a variety of hibiscus, maybe?), but only one was red. These plants I always think are weeds until they flower, and then I realize why people tolerate them.

There were more on the pink side--I like this particular one because the flower seems to be playing coy, hiding behind its friend and a leaf. Don't be shy, little flower!

Here is a blooming prickly pear cactus thingy. I have never actually seen these flower. I'm not a fan of prickly pear cactuses, but I can see why people have them; the flowers are pretty nice, especially en masse!

Hm, where did I find this lily? Oh, I don't know--but this photo is totally true-to-life. The lily looked almost fake, with its deep, plastic-like orange colouring. Live plant that looks fake = beautiful!

I didn't know Lantana flowers came in one colour and then slowly changed shades! These are planted in giant planters in front of my office building, and I took the photo a few weeks ago.

This delicate evening primrose was photographed last weekend. I like how the anthers (I think) are all crazy. (I was literally just about to publish this post, but I took a break because Internet Explorer crashed, y'see? So I read the latest post over at A Tidewater Garden, where I found a photo of this flower. I didn't know what it was beforehand, but it's good to know, being such a common landscape plant!)

And this one is for Erin and Jo: A Nonpurple Purple Smoke Bush! A Purple Smoke Bush of any other colour would look just as purple... Right? No? Ah. I see. I'm pretty sure it's still Cotinus coggygria, but the purple ones are different varieties than this one, clearly. Now that I've googled the species name, I realize I've seen these things everywhere growing up--it just finally popped out at me when I saw a purple variety the other week.

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5 Responses to Summertime!

  1. I've been enjoying the flower photos so much that I just realised that I had missed the video. Got to go back and check on it now :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. The picture after the sidewalk petunia is Persian shield, Strobilanthes dyerianus. Nice plant, not much of a houseplant unless you can meet its ridiculous demands for humidity. Or that's what I hear, anyway. We had some at work for sale as outdoor annuals, and they tended not to look very good because Strobilanthes gets leggy if not pinched back, and also it sets flowers if not pinched back, which makes the plant look goofy but I can't describe it any better than that.

  3. Crazy-humid I can do! Maybe I'll try it one day; it'll be a nice addition to Barton, my Gynura aurantiaca. He's been dropping his lower leaves lately, so he's just a big stem with some leaves on top--he looks naked.

  4. The all-white lily is the Casa Blanca lily. I bought mine for 50 cents at the end of the season when they don't look like anything at the garden center. Stick them in the ground or a pot, give them sun and they will multiple in future years. Easy plant to try as long as the squirrels don't get them.

  5. Whattatlottaflowers.

    If you are really lucky then you will find a matching plasticky deep orange lily beetle on the plasticky deep orange lilies. Not!



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