Where Will Passion Take You?

I think I took this photo and thought it would be good for my 100th post, but it must have been overlooked among the massive numbers of images I have in my holding folder.

But when I saw it on the train, it got me thinking. Not so much about visiting Virginia, as is its intent, but about what passions I have and where I'm going with them. When I saw these words, I immediately thought those buckets were empty plant containers and thought, "Oh, blueberries, pumpkin, and tomatoes would do well in those." Then I thought, "Wait, no... Those are for grapes for wine. Oh. They want me to go to visit the vinyards in Virginia. Pshhht."

Clearly, I equate passion with plants. The words themselves, even, aren't dissimilar (at least, they both have a P, an A, an S, and an N. So does the word "snap," as in "snap pea;" or "naps," as in "I work so hard in the garden on Saturdays that I need to take several naps to recouperate;" or "pans," as in "I need to buy a new set of nonstick pans so I can use my home-grown nasturtium flowers to make hwajeon.").

Where will my passion for plants take me? The indoor/container veggie business isn't a pipe dream. I don't know if I'll turn out an amazing profit, but I'll sell seedlings for damn sure. Lately, I have been scouring indoor gardening and container gardening books to find growing information and suggested varieties. Of course, I should have done that before starting my own garden, but that's how it goes.

Beyond that? Where will plants lead me? When I was five, my dream was to grow up to be a farmer. When I was 17, my dream was to work at the USDA and genetically engineer superior crops for farmers to grow. Neither of those plans came to fruition, but my passion is still flowing strong. I think I'm good, at the moment, just floating along with it and seeing where I end up. Maybe later, I'll try to wrestle it into submission and direct my passion to something more ordered and productive, but right now, I'm enjoying the ride.

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