Bull Run Plant Grab

My community-supported agriculture adventure has been amazingly worthwhile. I paid Bull Run $400 (maybe $405, I don't know) for more than four months of vegetables delivered weekly to just blocks away from work. The first few weeks were mostly chives, basil, mixed lettuces, and garlic scapes. The constant, ever-present, OMGs-give-me-vitamin-D rain delayed a lot of crops. But last night, I got a huge zucchini, five potatoes, a patty pan squash (we had the option of that or an eggplant, but I had never had patty pan squash before), a garlic bulb, a giant head of dense cabbage, basil, oregano, purslane, epazote, and shiso.

It was a haul! If the rest of the months go like this, the CSA is more than worth it just for the vegetables. But there was more than just vegetables--each shareholder was given an awesome canvas bag on the first day (during which it was pouring profusely and NPR was interviewing some people in line), in addition to at least one plant each week at no extra charge (eggs, however, are $2.50 per half dozen, or something like that). The first week, Leigh, the farmer, brought trays and trays of backup seedlings that weren't needed, and I helped myself to all of them! The plants are doing generally well--I had only one die on me, and that was just a few days ago. It was an unknown plant, and I don't have a picture: These photos were taken yesterday morning.

This is the Bull Run tomato plant with some thyme. The tomato was 5 inches tall when I got it, and the veins were all purple, the intervenal areas were slightly chlorotic. I know there's some sort of deficiency, but I potted it, watered it, and lighted it, and now it's a healthy 10 inches!

I don't measure the peppers' height, but they are also doing excellently. They used to be a bit droopy and yellow--I think Leigh wasn't caring for these guys as much, he was trying to get rid of them because he wasn't going to use them. But they're happy on the windowsill. I would assume these are bell peppers, but I have no idea.

This maple seedling came with one of the plugs, the peppers, I think. I am keeping him to see how well he does--already he has grown several new, tiny leaves! To the left of it are the germinating chives. My friend bought sage and chive seeds for me at Old Sturbridge Village when she was visiting her family in Massachusetts some weeks ago. I had gone to Old Sturbridge last year, but $20 to get in? At the time, I didn't know what it was (a big supplier of colonial-garden-type seeds!), but next time I'm in that area, I'll be sure to stop by!

This lavender was great in the mint/lemon basil/lemon geranium/lavender herbal tea I made the other night. I have no clue what variety it is, but since I have had so much trouble germinating my own lavender, it's wonderful to have a pregrown one.

The marigold I acquired from Bull Run last week--I figured it's high time I get one for my apartment. Maybe it'll help repel insects...?

Here is some of the many basils I have acquired from Bull Run. It's doing quite well, growing compactly, and has a great aroma! I didn't buy any "normal" basil seeds for my own garden (just mini Greek basil and lemon basil), so I am happy to have just basil-basil.

Speaking of just basil-basil from Bull Run, here is some in between a mass of Bull Run thyme and a farmers' market-bought lavender plant.

This is the unknown container, on the bottom. On the left is ?. In the middle is ??. On the right was ???, but then it got bigger and it was basil. The plants in the container above it in are also all ????. They came from seeds I threw in the pot from the lady who gave me her seed collection. I haven't gone through it to try to remember what I put in and match it up to pictures online, but I know they're supposed to be flowering plants. 25 August update: The ? is sorrel, which I had identified a long time ago but don't know if I said so, and the ?? is epazote, Chenopodium ambrosioides. I found that while looking at black hollyhock seeds, oddly enough.

The anise I got from Bull Run just two weeks ago decided to flower. I'm going to let it. It's pretty!

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One Response to Bull Run Plant Grab

  1. Amazing!
    All of it. I take my hat off. Chapeau!!!

    So you do have lavender:-)
    I was glad to learn that you can see some greenery outside too from your window.

    About the teacup in the picture : you grow the herbs in it before you drink the tea??



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