Effulgent Flowers (Part 1)

It seems every time I do one of these posts it's because I have an overload of pretty pictures.

This time, it's even worse.

I will split it up into two three four posts over the course of this week, just to make it more digestable.

So without delay, here are some flowers from around DC this past month (although mostly in the past week or two).

I figured to set the scene, here's my favourite photo that I took from the fireworks over the Washington Monument on July 4. (Click to view a larger version--you can make out the Washignton Monument at the bottom.) I went with a friend and his friend who was visiting DC for the first time. I have never been downtown during the fireworks, and I never would have gone if not for the visitor. But, surprisingly, if you're laying on the concrete in front of the Lincoln Memorial, you can ignore the thousands of people around you and just focus on the fireworks. There was, also surprisingly, a general lack of irritation via roudiness, standing (except at one point), or pushing. A baby did start crying, but then the fireworks boomed really loudly, and I didn't hear him much after that.

I think these are the Asclepias tuberosa that Mr. S at PTASP posted about last weekend. I found these at the National Arboretum two weeks ago in what I think is a meadow.

Holy eff this flower is incredible. I don't know what it is, but look at those colours! It looks like a tiny, reddish cartoon pineapple has been place on a throne designed to match and accent its beauty. If quirk were a flower, this would be a contender.

Black-Eyed Susan, right? Rudbeckia hirta. They're my state's flower! Hm. I don't technically live in Maryland, and haven't in six years, but all my government-issued identification says I do. Mr. S also photographed these in his post last weekend. I feel like I'm copycatting, but it's not my fault if these flowers are widespread and flowering at the same time, damnit!

I have a feeling I'll kick myself when someone tells me what this is, but I saw it in someone's yard across the street from Mr. Yogato. The colour is so intense!

And speaking of Mr. Yogato, here's another sunflower that bloomed in the window box. There will be a more full Mr. Yogato update soon, but I can't deny the joy of these beauties to anyone! Although, it's a bit miffed-making to find that someone enjoys your sunflowers so much that they'll rip the flowers off the plants so no one else can enjoy them. That's what happened to my favourite one from the sunflower post. But hey, at least these guys made it to blooming! Other sunflowers aren't so lucky.

This calla lily is white with a soft pink rim. I am excited to see what it'll look like in full bloom. I can't remember where I found it, but I recall it was along one of my regular routes, so I'm sure I'll see it again.

Hah! I totally know what this is (a big victory, for me to be able to identify things I didn't know from childhood and without Google). We have a few of these Cleomes (spider flowers) at the Youth Garden. I think their blooms are ridiculously haphazard and cute. This flower was from a woman's front yard on Porter and Wisconsin.

So was this lily--actually, it was from the house next door, but someone walked up and said "Wow, I didn't think anyone would be interested in our flowers" as I was taking pictures. I said something like "Oh yeah, wow, these are beautiful, yeah." I was a bit flustered; I'm not used to being approached when looking at plants, and especially by the person who lives in the house where the plants are! But the girl said her landlord, who lives next door with the Cleome was the gardener. So I said to pass the kudos on to her, and then I went back to my bus stop and the Spathiphyllum and Sansevieria.

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4 Responses to Effulgent Flowers (Part 1)

  1. The orange NOID is a Cosmos. I swear I've seen the cartoon-pineapple somewhere really recently, but I can't remember where. I'll come back if I can track down what it is.

    Fairly certain that last lily is a Stargazer. If you haven't read Amy Stewart's Flower Confidential, you ought to; there's a whole chapter in there about the development of the Stargazer lily which is really cool, except for the part that's kind of depressing.

    I like your black-eyed susan picture better than I liked my black-eyed susan pictures.

  2. Well, I found the picture I was thinking of, which was a Zinnia, but it didn't look as much like your NOID flower as I'd remembered. So I don't know. Nevermind.

  3. Agreed, that's a lovely Stargazer there!

  4. Mr. S, thanks for the ID on the Cosmos and lily. Zinnia was what was coming through the smoke in my head, but after you said that, I googled and turned up this picture of "Yellow Flame." Most of the pictures I found had more petals, but I think it's close enough for vague certainty. If not "Yellow Flame," at least very, very close!

    And I will be sure to check out Flower Confidential--I know how much you adore (hate?) Amy Stewart.

    Amelia, I think I must buy some of these next year for my apartment. I've really taken a liking to lilies; I want to be able to grow things that look like this!



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