Effulgent Flowers (Part 2)

You might think that the amount of photos in part 1 of my latest pretty picture overload is, well, greater than part 2. You would be correct. These are recent--there were only meant to be two posts, but the third is coming later in the week, so I decided to offload these beauties first.

When I look at this flower, I think "Tentacle-y alien Mickey Mouse breeds with local flora." But, nonetheless, the tiny blue flowers are incredibly striking, and on my walk to the Arboretum on Saturday, I noticed them scattered around in yards everywhere.

This wonderful Hibiscus bush had gigantic blooms--well, most Hibiscus seem to be pretty large, but this one was particularly noteworthy. I loved the deep red colour. I didn't get close--this was a zoom-in from the sidewalk, and the bush was near the front of the house. The neighbour was outside water her plants, so I didn't want to approach in case she thought I was being sneaky.

If all Begonia flowers looked like this, I might approve of them being used in landscaping!

Also on my walk to the Arboretum (I won't bore you with the tale about fenced off roads, dead ends, and popped blisters), I ran into literally dozens of Datura Moonflowers, still open in the early morning light. These are the first I have seen outside of the Mr. Yogato garden, and I am happy to note (in my oh-so-clear unbiased eye) that mine looks bigger and better!

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One Response to Effulgent Flowers (Part 2)

  1. The blue Mickey Mouse flower is Commelina coelestis. They don't seem to be much good at competing with other weeds, but in cultivated areas like gardens, they do well. Similar to wandering Jew (and in the same family), but hardy. I kind of like them, which is just as well, because they're hard to get rid of and I have a bunch next to the house in the back yard.



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