As Seen On TV

In Germany, that is. I was interviewed a month ago about my indoor garden for a special feature on organic food for ZDF, a German television station. I wasn’t told when it was released, but I finally e-mailed them and got a link.

After two-and-a-half minutes of peeps talkin’ in German, I show up for the last 20 seconds, spraying tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and squash with water to prevent the spread of my little roommates, the spider mites (they’re horrid, horrid beasts, and they're still around). Those plants were soaked after all the shots they took of me doing that… And the crew was soaked through with sweat--I don’t use AC in my apartment, because the plants are on top of it. It was only 82 degreees that morning, but 70% humidity (and rising).

Despite the 20 minutes of them taping me pollinating my tomatoes with a paintbrush, the big theme of the discussion was "I haven't harvested any fruit--it has been really difficult." That was before I found that plants enjoy a little vibratory foreplay before being fertilized. Now, the cherry tomatoes and mystery pepper have some fruit, and I have hopes for Ace tomato. There are some Cherokee flowerbuds in development right now--a few should open over the next couple days, and I'll get my buzz on with them.

It was fun! I’m even wearing that same shirt today. “Wardrobe!”

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2 Responses to As Seen On TV

  1. This is awesome! Even though I understand German, you are the one that was "least interrupted" with the translator! Great piece, and as we all know from Vince of Sham-Wow fame... "The Germans make good stuff"!

  2. I need to use the phrase "vibratory foreplay" with my tomatoes more often.



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