Bugs 'n Blooms

Sometimes, it isn't the flowers or the leaves that draw my attention to a plant--it's the insects all up on it. Sometimes I don't even notice a bug until after I look at the pictures, but then it holds a special place in my heart, because the photo is more true to life. Plants aren't just pretty things for us--they are food, homes, and the bane of many insects and other plants.

This hyacinth bean (actually some seeds of which I received from a woman back in May) does have beautiful flowers, but I don't think I'll be growing any in places I frequent.

Because in DC, right now, there are dozens of hyacinth bean vines that I have seen with these yellow aphids all over them. Icky!

While at the beach last weekend, there was a booth selling landscaping plants/services. I don't remember what plant this is, but it attracted a bunch of butterflies to it while I was browsing. I didn't end up buying anything, although I did get a few landscaping ideas.

What kind of butterfly is this? Hecks if I know. I'm pretty sure it's not a monarch butterfly--and that's about as far as I can go.

I thought this sunflower, similar to my "Evening Sun" in front of Mr. Yogato, was awesome. It's about 10 feet tall, on Park Road near my apartment. After taking the photo, I noticed a blurry bit at the top--it's a bee! Click the picture to see a larger version if you're interested.

So, not exactly a bloom or even a plant (although an argument could be made about the bloom part, maybe--it's a reproductive structure that releases spores, kind of like flowers release seeds... Kinda...), but this 'shroom was gigantic! It was about eight inches high, I think--the fly was pretty large, too. A day or two afterward, the mushrooms in this tree planter were ripped up and drying on the mulch, but they were quite a site while they were up.

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