Datura, My Darling!

I have had a lot of posts in the works. Nothing insanely big (well, one or two), but enough that I haven't finished any of them. So, I'll do this post on Datura first. My own Datura, conspicuous as it is, has garnered many a compliment (and only a few poison scares). These photographed on this page are only a single block from Mr. Yogato, on 18th and Church Streets, near some sunflowers that I mentioned previously. There are two varieties (maybe even different species). The first has a purple-tinged flower; the second is all white. Both have more weedy-looking leaves--they are more pointy, whereas my Datura is smooth, gently round, soft like puppies, friendly like hungry cats, as productive as mice, and as beautiful as Aphrodite, the most stunning of Greek goddesses.

End Datura mushfest. I like the purple-flowering one--I was thinking of getting some for next year. But, to be honest, I hate the leaves. It just looks too much like a prickly weed (which, actually, it kind of is--you can see a prickly fruit on the plant in the photo to the left). These don't seem nearly as cuddly as the Datura I have in front of Mr. Yogato. So, although the plant seems to have a long blooming period, the blooms open only at night and last only a few nights each. That leaves most of the time spent looking at, well, leaves. Pretty, lush, awesome leaves. Not spiky weedy leaves.

Yeah, I'm biased.

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One Response to Datura, My Darling!

  1. The blooms smell intoxicating at night, but the wife can't stand them. Those are great specimens.



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