Extra! Extra! Titan Sunflower Makes Its Debut!

Titan, the most-awaited sunflower in the Mr. Yogato garden, has finally bloomed! (Actually, he bloomed about two days ago, I just hadn't had my camera on me until last night at 8:15 PM, when I took this photo.) He is not the promised 13 feet, but that's lucky for me--if he blocked that sign above him, he might have had to be cut down a bit. He is about nine or ten feet tall, I think, which is still very respectable!

He also is integral to the climbing growth of the trombetta squash vine, although now parts of it are deciding to start growing up the ivy. I heart squash vines so hard.

I'm debating the use of sunflowers for next year--on the one hand, they're awesome. On the other, they're show-stealers but take their sweet-ass time and really do need a large clump to be overly impressive. Maybe I just need to plant flowering vines along with the sunflowers, so there's something blooming until the few sunflowers I've planted get aroud to showing their blooms. Hm. That sounds nice!

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3 Responses to Extra! Extra! Titan Sunflower Makes Its Debut!

  1. I've had absolutely zero luck with sunflowers which would be OK if I did not live in Phoenix, The Valley of the SUN.

  2. Aw, man! My sunflowers like it at Mr. Yogato--it gets afternoon/evening sun only, but I have to water these guys incredibly frequently. Maybe because they're gigantic varieties, but they need a LOT of water.

  3. Kenneth, that sun flower is beautiful. And in a way its so abstract to everything around it, that it actually fits. My mammoth Sunflowers are in full bloom and have been a beacon for honey bees and anything that is attracted to it. Good post!!



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