Hybrids For The Win

The only tomatoes to have set fruit are these cherry tomatoes from a seed packet I bought in Walmart on Memorial Day weekend. I planted them in early June, so it has been two and a half months--a week or two longer than the seed packet says the plants will reach maturity (which I always take to mean harvest time, but I'm not certain, really).

But, anyway, this cherry tomato plant (one of three in the same pot) decided that it would just say "Ha, heirlooms, you so slow!" and actually set fruit. It might have something to do with me using my beard trimmer instead of a paintbrush to pollinate now. Something about vibrations like bees buzzing releasing pollen... The heirlooms haven't opened any more flowers since the last batch (which failed to set fruit), so I can't test whether it's just the finickiness of the heirlooms or the methodology that led to lack of fruit-set. A few promising buds have popped up on Ace, so we will see!

2:48 Update: You can actually see some of my beard-trimmed hair sitting on the tomato vine... I didn't notice that until I looked at the larger picture! Kind of, um, interesting.

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One Response to Hybrids For The Win

  1. You used your beard trimmer to pollinate? LOL. Now I've heard of everything.



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