Indoor Ornamental Sweet Potato Flowering Event

This one is for a coworker. A few weeks ago (maybe a month and a half, two months?), I took some cuttings of some Alternanthera dentata "Purple Knight" and Ipomoea batatas ornamental sweet potato from the Mr. Yogato garden and potted them up for my windowsill. The Alternanthera has lost its pervasive purple colour, but the sweet potato has retained its hue. I'm guessing that it has something to do with the light quality, which we all know is different between morning sun through an apartment window and direct afternoon/evening sun. Alternanthera is clearly more demanding than Ipomoea.

Anyway! I also took some cuttings for my coworker to grow in some empty pots on her balcony. She told me last week that her sweet potato vines were doing wonderfully and even flowering! I may or may not have mentioned that they do this when I gave them to her (I'm pretty sure I did; they're related to morning glories, so have fairly attractive flowers). When she mentioned this, I said that even the ones on my windowsill have little flowerbuds, and she wanted me to take a picture of them for her.

So, when I went to do that this morning, I noticed that one of the flowerbuds decided it would rather be a full-fledged flower! Right on my windowsill! This is almost as good as having some of my tomatoes set fruit.

Hm. Tomatoes... Sweet potatoes... Sounds like the makings of a great soup! I wonder if the ornamental sweet potato tubers are tasty?

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3 Responses to Indoor Ornamental Sweet Potato Flowering Event

  1. Sounds more like the makings of a great song:
    Hot Tomato
    Sweet Potato
    making soup togethe-e-e-er.

    Do you remember those difficult Latin names?

  2. Ipomoea batatas and Lycopersicon esculentum, now Solanum lycopersicum, although I had to look the new species name up.

    Add some chickpeas to the mix and peanuts, it'll be a right treat!

  3. Thats a very pretty flower. As good as getting veggies from your balcony, right?



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