New Plant! Excitement!

I found this gem on my desk when I arrived to work yesterday, with the attached note. (I edited the note to remove the uberboss's name, 'cause, y'know, work is not blog.) Boss lady is one of my enablers--we talk about plants, we look at plants, she gives me clippings of plants, she tells me about her harvest and shows me pictures of her amazing backyard garden, I tell her about what I cook with my CSA veggies... It goes on.

Crassula ovata is, like, totally common, but I don't have one, and despite all the efforts I made as a child, the jade plant is one of the reasons why I always thought I couldn't take care of succulents--I treated it like a regular ol' tropical houseplant, sticking the leaves/stems in water to wait for them to root, but all they did was rot. Such presumptuous youth!

Anyway, this time I'm just treating it like my squills (I now have six instead of just one--anyone want one?). I stuck a leaf in some dirt in a pot at work and another in with my main squill, a small branch in with Barton the Gynura aurantiaca and the Zamioculcus zamiifolia leaflet, and the larger piece in with the Nematanthus brasiliensis. I figure something will take, and I'll just see how it goes from there!

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2 Responses to New Plant! Excitement!

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  2. Great to know that you have a good hand with jade plant.

    I lived few years by my own in an apartment and kept all the plants I can get by the window side. Most of my plants are semi-aquatic and they lived gloriously.
    (But none of them are vegetables or herbs)

    If you can, try ferns, pothos, arrowheads, dumbcane and bamboo's, I had experienced them and made a japanese garden theme with them in my apartment.



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