The Newest Members Of My Family

I have been cutting way back on my new additions lately. Truly, I have!

Alright. I'm not that good at lying. I just spent $100 for flower bulbs for next year's Mr. Yogato garden... But... It was necessary. And I need more.

This shopping spree was spurred on by my discovery of the identity of the cute little flowers that I saw early this spring (Siberian squill, Scilla siberica). Then, while price-comparison shopping around, I found that I like a lot of "black" bulb flowers! I ordered some "Hello Darkness" irises, some "Black Lily" Fritillaria camschatcensis, and... Actually, I cannot recall. I even just called one of the places I ordered from. All I knew I bought were some Scilla siberica, but apparently I got some daylilies, irises (including "Hello Darkness"), and crocuses too. The other company... Well, I ordered the Fritillaria, and that's all I remember.

It will be a fun surprise when the bulbs come in. They ship at different times (Scilla and crocuses at end of October, irises et cetera right now), so I'm sure I will have forgotten not only what I ordered but also that I even ordered anything.

But besides bulbs for outdoor beautification, I stopped by Garden District the other week and picked up some new houseplants. I have been good about going there and not buying anything, but it's a new season, and they just got new stock. Of course.

Oh, this one? No, this is from my farmer. He had extra pepper seedlings. They are cute, are they not? These were my first vibratory pollination successes (the top one was already there, but the bottom one was all my own work!).

This is Davallia trichomanoides, brown rabbit's foot fern. I have been wanting to try a fern, never having had one before, and this one was all cute and fuzzy! I hope I do right by it. I can see huge potential for death and mayhem in our future.

After decades, I finally own a spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum variegatum, according to the tag). It needs some TLC--it was 50% off because it looked a bit ugly. As soon as I got it home, however, it started sending off a little baby!

Most of these guys you've already seen--the Episcia "Coco" on the right, the Maranta prayer plant on the left, and the tiny tip of a Streptocarpus leaf on the far left. The new, towering plant is Alocasia "Polly." I have been eyeing this for months and finally bought it. I think it needs some different friends, however--this plant grouping requires such different care, really, something is probably going to die if I keep them together.

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3 Responses to The Newest Members Of My Family

  1. That's a lot of bulb money.
    Hopefully Mr.Yogato gives you free yogurt when you want it.

    I shall be really envious if your Fritilarias come up. I planted 200 of them, in grass, in tubs, in the greenhouse, in special beds.

    Guess how many came up?
    Not a single one. We might as well have eaten them. I sent in a claim for replacement or refund, but so far haven't heard from Parker's.
    But you seem to have a magic touch with plants, wherever you put them.

  2. I've only just found your lovely blog, thanks to Joco above, but I shall really enjoy following!

  3. I notice your episcia had grown well. Hope they continue to thrive much better.
    And I guess you can add those peppers for cooking too.



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