Pesky Pest Control

Does anyone else get overly worried when the annual pest-control inspection takes place? I mean, yeah, I have some flies... And worms... But I don't have leafhoppers or fungus gnats anymore, or those two-segment creepy fast-crawling thingies that were living underneath the worm bin for a while with occasional raids for the Episcia when it was living the fast-paced crazy life of being on the lip of the wooden planter box. These people only care about roaches and bedbugs, right? Yeah, I see a roach or two every few weeks--I live in DC. I shudder, I wash all the dishes again, and I move on, trying to forget. But I don't have bedbugs. Here's to hoping they leave me alone (pest control and the pests!).

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2 Responses to Pesky Pest Control

  1. Are you into real estate? We spend a pretty penny on pest prevention. It's even worse because I have indoor gardens, but Azamax and diatomaceous earth knocks back most pests. I hope you passed!

  2. Is it typical to have pest inspections? Who does the inspection? Is it a government service or condo mandate?



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