Pie From On High

Oh gods, this was an excellent pie! Let me just preface with that. Now, on to the story!

My uberboss told me a story a week or so ago about how she walked around the back of her garden and saw a yellow summer squash (one of which she had previously shared with me and I turned into a wonderful casserole) that looked like a pumpkin instead of the normal squash shape. It was hanging from the vine between two trellises (I believe), whereas most of the other squash were laying on the ground. What makes a squash on a vine that produces more oblong, squash-shaped squash suddenly decide it wants to be a gourd?

To that, I do not have an answer, although I know that many squash and pumpkins are actually the same species (Cucurbita pepo)--but not all. But to honour the fruit's self-identification as a pumpkin, I told my uberboss (when she told me I could have it) that I would turn it into pumpkin pie. I would say I succeeded on that count! I peeled, scooped, and cut the squash into chunks, leaving half of it in the fridge (for another pie?!). The other half I boiled for a bit to soften, and then I followed the 1896 Fannie Farmer cookbook recipe for Pumpkin Pie--which says "Pumpkin Pie is made same as Squash Pie, using pumpkin in place of squash."

That, I thought, was perfect for this squash-turned-gourd! I took liberties with the recipe (I didn't have milk, so I used cream, and I didn't measure any of the spices or anything), but I followed it pretty exactly (even though it didn't say "Puree mixture in blender," y'know, that was just a modern convenience, and I was making sweet red bean paste at the same time, so the blender was already out).

I forgot about blogging for a second when the pie came out--it smelled so delicious, I was eager to dig in! But I held off for a few more seconds, just long enough to snap a photo and put the camera down before ravishing the pie. It tasted a bit pumpkiny--not overly so, like the canned pie mix, but definite pumpkin-pie taste. It was a heck of a dish. Fannie sure knew her stuff!

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One Response to Pie From On High

  1. Next time (with the remainder of the pumpkin, line the pastry with a layer of pecan praline, between the pumpkin gloop and the crust, to make it even more delish.



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