Such Succulent Squash

Today, reminded by Homesteading In A Condo, I went and harvested the squash at Mr. Yogato. I wanted to get it before the rogue pruners or flower stealers decided it was theirs.

This squash is over two feet long (about 2'3", but it's 2'5" using the string-measuring method). It had a few falls as the squash vine ripped off the sunflower leaves that were supporting it, and it was in my bookbag for about six hours this evening. But, I'm certain that it will taste excellent in whatever I use it in (I haven't decided--maybe some sort of baked dish, or with the eggplant and peppers and tomatoes in my lasagna?). I really enjoyed the reactions I got when I pulled it out at the cafe, and later at City Sports in Chinatown. There were a few giggles and one wide-eyed girl who covered her mouth and turned away.

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3 Responses to Such Succulent Squash

  1. Wow! What kind of squash is that? Does it taste like zucchini? It would be fun to try that in a pot on my deck.

  2. wow, is that really a squash? I never thought it will be that long, anyway i love this blog. Glad I found it

  3. Stacey, this comes from a seed packet labeled "Climbing Italian Summer Squash, Trombetta di Albenga" from Renee's Garden. It is probably, actually, the same as Homesteading In A Condo's variety. The seed packet said to harvest when the squash was 10 to 12 inches long and as thick as a cucumber, but really, I think 2.5 feet is a better size.

    Jay, yup, it's definitely squash! I think I have decided what to do with it--"apple" pie! My coworker once used saltine crackers to make mock apple pie--you can do the same with some squash/zucchini. I think it'd be fun--there are many recipes, btu you seem to have to do is chop it all up, add sugar and cinnamon, and bake.

    This trombetta is touted as seedless and therefore nigh perfect for fake apple pie, but I haven't chopped into it yet, so I don't know about the texture.



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