Sunflowers' Second Wave

These pictures are all from two weeks ago, mostly on the weekend. The sunflowers are doing wonderfully around DC, but of course I'm focusing on the ones I put in the ground.

I feel bad, actually, because I haven't seen them in almost four days. I'm worried that the squash and fall-crop seedlings will have died... But I have been very busy lately. Too busy to go take care of the plants. I never thought that I would say that. I promise to go tomorrow during lunch!

Survivor: Guerrilla Gardening Sunflower edition! With only one left standing from my guerrilla gardening experiment, I feel some sense of success. The rest, however, are just gone. It is sad, but at least this one small trooper survived to brighten Mount Pleasant Street.

I love sleepy sunflowers of the morning! Young, cute, and slightly grumpy. "Why'd ya hafta wake me up...Nnhrrrnnn!"

After a few cups of coffee and a thunderstorm, that same sunflower (which survived two cullings!) is fully awake, if a little disheveled (and with a droopy face).

Big ol' Titan didn't stay as erect as he was upon his first showing. In fact, his head swelled so large that his thick trunk couldn't hold him upright. Some of the workers at Mr. Yogato are worried that he's going to fall and kill someone, but I have faith that my living ivy rope will keep him held up.

Evening Sun makes babies. After the first flowerhead was ripped off, little side flowers started forming. Yellow sunflowers are cool, sure--but Evening Sun is pure beauty!

Oh, yeah... These aren't sunflowers, obviously, but the gladioluses have started blooming! Only a few, not all, yet. I like this peach/pink one. It seems friendly. But it doesn't fit in with the colour scheme here. I won't know what all the colours are until the flowers bloom--it was a $3 grab bag from the dollar store near my mom's apartment in Virginia.

This yellow one is a bit more striking to me. It also doesn't fit in with what I have in store for the Mr. Yogato garden, but at least there is already some yellow there to play off of.

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3 Responses to Sunflowers' Second Wave

  1. Truly your sunflower is a survivor. Its amazing how the gladioluses bloomed. How long did it actually took to bloom?

  2. "Slightly grumpy"
    Sounds familiar....
    I love that spiky look they have.

  3. hey kenneth, I noticed you started following my blog. Did you want to do a bloglink exchange?



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