Coco Goes Loco

Crazy for flowering, that is!

Remember when I said "Oh, wow, I think my recently acquired Episcia "Coco" is flowering" about a month and a half ago?

Well, it is! There are a ton of what I had photographed previously (tiny flower buds thinking about being full-on flowers), but only this one has expanded to full-fledged about-to-open flower status, so far.

In addition to that, I took those two stolons that were on the plant to work last month, chopped 'em up, and potted them there with an amazing rooting success rate--even single leaves have rooted.

Episcia, you rock my world.

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3 Responses to Coco Goes Loco

  1. Hiya,
    That is a note of cheeriness in your disaster sequence. Lovely little bud. Can't remember what it looks like as a flower. Leaves are looking good as well.

  2. Kenneth- Fall is here and we are seriously looking into making our sunroom a permanent place for indoor plants. It is not insulated so it does get cold, but the Sun comes in during the day and warms up a bit. I can probably put plastic over the windows but I think it will be neccessary. My question to you is, If you had a place like that what would you do with it to grow plants all year round? Your my go to guy for anything indoors and I want to jump off right. If you have any suggesstions I will appreciate them. Thanks


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