Pollination Sexcess

There are tons of methods out there by which tomato plants are said to be easily pollinated.

Most of them are complete crocks of shizzat.

I tried shaking; I tried misting (as per "The Indoor Kitchen Garden"); I tried using a paintbrush; all of this to no avail, until I found that to get my flowers to release their stream of excitation, one must get them in the mood with a little vibratory action.

Not having an electric toothbrush, I used my beard trimmer (as evidenced photographically by my little beard hairs all over the cherry tomatoes). It worked very well for the peppers, but at first I was a little perturbed by the continued bloom drop of the tomatoes. But they've warmed up to me and come around to the idea of procreating!

Well. Ace has. Cherokee is still pouting. I'm cool with that--he'll come around in his own time.

Just for those who have a thing for voyeurism, here are a few clips of me using my beard trimmer to get a pepper flower and Ace bush flowers pregnant. You should be able to see the pollen escaping from the flowers at some point during the vibration, but the decreased quality due to uploading to Blogger doesn't help matters.

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2 Responses to Pollination Sexcess

  1. Kenneth- ironically, we had to do alot of manual plant sexing this year. I was a bit deterred by my tomatoes and pepper plants. However, I noticed that when stopped soaking the whole plant during watering and only watered the ground. The flowers were able to dry a bit more and they were more receptive to pollination. So maybe it could have been a situation with humidity. Just a thought. Im not to smart on this stuff, but it's interesting how one week all the flowers fall off and die and then the next week they all pollinate WTF!!

  2. I tried it with the beard trimmer. I hope it works!


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