Extra Baggage

Remember how I said "I can see huge potential for death and mayhem in our future" in reference to my Davallia trichomanoides? And then it started dying?

I think I found out why. Click for (much) larger pictures.

Here's some I found in the soil and on top of the fern's "feet."

Here's some taking a dip in the water--I overwatered again, of course. That's how I discovered these little critters. They came out for some air, I think.

Must have come from the supplier... Garden District had just got them in when I bought mine. I can never remember the difference between centipedes and millipedes. But the Internets have a good comparison. On the basis of that information, I have decided that they're millipedes, 'cause centipedes are carnivorous (so what were they eating if they are centipedes, huh? Other than themselves, of course.), and the things in the pictures seem to have two sets of legs per segment.

They made me feel icky inside. I wonder if I ate any in my sleep.

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4 Responses to Extra Baggage

  1. I suppose they probably couldn't have helped anything, though I'd be surprised if they were the whole problem; I don't think millipedes normally do all that much.

    But then, I don't think I've ever seen that many in a plant's pot at once before, either.

    Will you be trying again with the Davallia, or is this enough to put you off them (and I wouldn't blame you if it did) forever?

  2. I do have a problem with overattention in the form of copious and frequent waterings. It's just how I show my love.

    I did forget to mention--I cut off a few "feet" that were hanging off the side (and millipede free) and put them in a separate pot. We'll see how it goes.

  3. Milipedes are brown. English ones anyways :-)
    Yuck, double yuck.
    You know that you and your fellow wormery owners are accused of killing the Northern forests, don't you?
    Don't ask me how.

  4. I've tried rooting pieces of Davallia rhizome in soil before, and don't recommend it (my success rate was like 1/19). Vermiculite is probably better (because vermiculite is magic). Just FYI. I think they're worthwhile plants, so I hope you can salvage something.


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