Goodbye, Summer

This past Saturday was the last day of volunteering at the Washington Youth Garden. I'm used to seeing the work truck full of what is called "The Devil" at the garden (Bermuda grass) and other plants, but it's an odd sight when it's full of some of the most productive tomato plants in the world.

I had dragged my friend to the garden to volunteer (she was down visiting from Maine and I didn't want to leave her all by her lonesome in the city), so there were six of us there that day. Beyond making a nice border around the perennial garden and removing the last of the okra, we got five entire rows of all sorts of tomatoes: Cherokee Purple, Zebra, roma, Brandywine, Sungold Cherry, even some tomatillos.

It was windy, drizzly, and cold. Fall is here, everyone. Fall is here, and the happy, bright, cheerful plants of summer are but poignant memories.

But, y'know what? I prefer the potatoes, apples, turnips, and onions of fall and winter. I adore storage crops! I never get tired with a nice root veggie stew!

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One Response to Goodbye, Summer

  1. I have much the same feelings today; Seattle Urban Ag is going through the same transition and it's time to cut back the tomatoes. I'm sorry to see them go; I have been totally spoiled by the taste of home-grown! At least the lettuce is still growing strong and the parsley just won't quit!


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