How The Garden Grows

It's high time for a garden update. So, let's start with the edibles (a brief update), and then on to the ornamentals! This is by no means comprehensive. There are a lot of garden happenings here, but these are some of the most rewarding.

Ace has about ten tomatoes on it. They're smallish--only two to three inches across. I think they're supposed to be larger, but I'm fine with what Ace is willing to provide me. I can't wait for them to ripen!

Here's the surviving pepper on King of the North. It's the only one that has reached anything that could be considered sizeable. I'm hoping it won't fall off like all the others!

Did I never mention how during my hike, spider mites took over my eggplant and decimated it? The promising flower on it was destroyed. The webbing encased the entire plant. Although I had won my fight against the aphids (this was the only eggplant to make it beyond the one-inch-tall seedling stage), it was for naught: The eggplant survived only to be taken down by spider mites. So, I cut it down to soil level. It is growing in the same pot as the above pepper plant, so I didn't want to disturb the roots or anything.

Apparently, that means that my eggplant will just regrow! Crazy!

My pregnant onion isn't dead--that makes me happy.

Speaking of happy... Here's my iris, "Hello Darkness," one of three that I bought from various companies. Two are outside of Mr. Yogato, and the third I wish to grow for my own. I love purplish flowers!

This is my stolen Dracaena something-or-other. I was walking down the main entrance of my apartment at 3 AM on morning, and the Dracaena that I had been eyeing for weeks in front of the cafe called my name. So... I yoinked this bit off, rooted it, and potted it up. It's a little pale, but the one downstairs is even paler--mine has gained colour since I stole it.

I have some Crocus and Scilla siberica in this pot; a few leftovers from planting the spring bulb garden at Mr. Yogato. The Crocus are coming up, but I'm still waiting on the S. siberica. I'm not sure which Crocus this is--I ordered a few varieties. I don't even remember which ones I ordered, let alone which ones I saved to plant in my apartment.

My Chlorophytum is doing swell! I got it half price because it lost its variegation, but all the new leaves have a nice pale stripe down the middle, and I have a nice pup on him.

My Streptocarpus isn't dead, oh no! Some of the leaves are a bit ratty, but I have a new one coming in (see there? In the middle?). I'm hoping that I can keep this alive to see it flower.

Barton, my Gynura aurantiaca, was a bit out of control a few weeks ago. So I chopped him down. What's left is still pretty tall, but it needs to be more lush. I might pinch of the apical meristem on this guy to encourage more bushy growth. Does that even work?

Here are all the cuttings. They've already rooted, of course, because G. aurantiaca is crazy like that. I plan on potting them up mostly individually for unsuspecting vict... I mean, friends. Yes. For my friends.

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5 Responses to How The Garden Grows

  1. Tomatoes are looking good! I am thinking of trying some indoors this winter. Why not, lol?! I will have to use my kids' south facing windows for extra warmth, not sure they will appreciate this particular project of mine!

  2. Nice article and right on time! It is probably the best time to start an indoor garden. I have been growing plants indoors for a long time, but to succeed there are some tricks to know. You can use my knowledge which I have accumulated through years of experimenting with plants. Visit to find out more. Good luck and have fun!

  3. Your tomatoes look so lovely. Some tips about pepper, a gardener in my place told me that if want to keep the pepper to stay on the plant, you need to soak the seeds in saltwater before planting them. Not sure how true is this but see if it works for you the next time you decide to plant pepper again.

  4. Stealing plants, tisk tisk! Guerrilla planting, nice :) Toms look great!

  5. Kenneth- its such an inspiration to see your plants growing so well in doors. It definately takes skill


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