Mystery Plant

My coworker was given a bunch of cuttings of these. She wanted me to have a few, so I brought some home, rooted them in water, and then potted them. It roots very readily in water. When my coworker first brought them in, the margins of the leaves had an intense but tiny line of red colouring. As time went on, the red colouring of my coworker's leaves' margins faded and disappeared. Mine have a bit of colouring in the new leaves, but it's not very noticeable (see new leaves in top of picture).

Anyone have a clue what this is?

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4 Responses to Mystery Plant

  1. I have one of these in my office! But I am also clueless about what it is. I got mine in a plant swap, where things were all kind of jumbled and not everything had labels. If you figure out the answer, post it!

  2. Kalanchoe???
    Blogging at work??

  3. It is definitely a kalanchoe. It would be very happy in a sunny window and will bloom for you! The soil should dry out some, about 1/2" below the soil surface, then water thoroughly. Some regular fertilizing will keeep it strong and encourage blooming. Your specimen looks a little light-deprived. It is sturdy, though, and with good care will become a beauty! Happy gardening!


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