I bought this Tillandsia vernicosa some weeks ago. Many weeks ago, actually. These pictures were taken at that time. Man, it must have been long ago--I still had that squash and some beans coming up in the pot in the background! But it was not too long after I purchased the Davallia trichomanoides in August. I had bought another fern, Dryopteris marginalis, "Leather Wood Fern," at the same time, but I haven't shown him on here yet, either.

I tied some twine around the guy and suspended him near the fluorescent light. He has been doing well there, but I worry sometimes that misting him occasionally doesn't provide him the moisture he needs. You can see a few pups he's growing--they're coming along nicely.

Here are the tiny flowers from the inflorescence. I wonder if they will release seeds? The Internets tells me some Tillandsias are self-pollinating, some require birds (or humans with patience). Status: unknown.

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4 Responses to Tillandsia

  1. To make flower to release seeds you have to pollinate it. Take a tiny brush and gently move it inside of each flower. Visit my blog to find out more about plants and planting http://mightyherbs.blogspot.com/2009/09/doctor-seed.html.

  2. Kenneth- That plant looks funky. One day when I can break away from Veggies I will try to maintain some other varieties. Good stuff!

  3. If you've got yours blooming you're having more luck than I am with mine. I doubt mine are getting enough light though I've found an occasional soak really helps keep them happy (if yours is the type with the tiny silver hairs all over it'll fine with just misting (and you can mist more heavily if it's hung upside down) but the smooth leaves varieties will need a little more water).

  4. Zoy, I will try that next time. I figured that to be the case, but I didn't have time to diddle the plant after I bought it--it was during my crazy-busy month.

    ATW, this one is a lot less funky than a lot of 'em out there! The only reason I switched to ornamentals is 'cause they're more rewarding (if less tasty) indoors. I guess that's an obvious statement, but... Next year's indoor garden is going to be a bit more focused. So say I, without any planning done yet...

    Andrew, I bought this one in bloom, so no pat-on-my-back yet. Let's see if I can keep it alive long enough for it to do so again! Mine is smooth-leafed, so that makes sense I thought it wasn't getting enough by just misting. I have taken it off the string and kept it in a plastic water-catching thing that you put under pots (they have a name, don't they?) for the moment.


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