Interesting Ivy

So, what's up with this plant? On the left is a normal-looking ivy leaf. The center has crazy-awesome variegated leaves. Same vine, as far as I could tell by standing over some person's lawn downtown. I enjoy the new variegation. I think I want a clipping.

This photo was taken with my mobile phone, so it's not as sharp, but if you click on it, it will open much larger in a new window. This is not far from Mr. Yogato, so I plan on photographing it (and maybe stealing some, 'cause I'm clepto like that) over Thanksgiving.

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2 Responses to Interesting Ivy

  1. Very strange. I like it though.

  2. Sometimes plants will sport like this, other times they could revert back to one of the plants they could''ve been bred from, and sometimes it could be a disease.

    Best to do a little research...

    But if you want some of the variegated part, ask the owner and make sure to take a piece of the variegated part with some leaf nodes attached, where the roots will grow from.



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