Plant-Unrelated: Hidden Cameras Concert! And Plant-Related: Episcia "Coco"

For a while before I rediscovered plants, music was my obsession. It still is, but there was no way I'd have ever blogged about it. Plants are just so much cooler. (Okay, fine, so I included a picture of Kaskade in a post once, but I never talked about Yelle, or Tracy Chapman, or anyone else I've seen recently, so count yourself lucky/disappointed, depending on your inclination.)

For your listening/viewing pleasure:

But plants don't have tambourines and ask audience members to get on stage to play them for the last song of the night's concert. The Hidden Cameras do. My palm is sore from hitting that thing so frikkin' hard during the song, and I love every little throb of pain! (Full disclosure--they actually gave tambourines to a bunch of girls [intentional, I'm not sure, but that would seem strange considering the general gayness of the group], but one didn't want to go on stage and gave it to me. I was like "Fuck yeah" and did it.)

The Hidden Cameras are... Well, they're hard to put into one genre. Indie rock? Folk? Political gospel gay activist indie folk rock? That might be an appropriate genre! I do suggest clicking on the link I provided above instead of googling them, especially at work, especially if the song you're looking for is "Underage," one of the songs on their new album. That could generate a few awkward hits...

I don't know why I didn't bring my camera--but I also forgot my ticket, so you can draw your own conclusions about that one. Luckily, they had a list of who prepurchased tickets and let me in without having to buy another ticket (only $12 anyway! Such a ridiculously low price for such an amazing band.). I tried getting shots with my phone's camera, but... Shitty. So I gave my card to a girl who has a professional-looking camera and asked her to e-mail me when she posts the photos, on the assumption that she 1) is not a paid professional, 2) would post the photos online, and 3) would actually e-mail me. We'll see, but I'm hopin' like crazy!

For those of you who require plant-related stuff, look at this pretty flower! It's from my Episcia "Coco." The last time I blogged about it, it opened later that night. But I have lately been remiss in posting in a timely fashion. I still have about 10 different posts "in the works," meaning they're planned, I have the pictures, I just have to get to writing the words about them. They really are very pretty pictures, too!

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2 Responses to Plant-Unrelated: Hidden Cameras Concert! And Plant-Related: Episcia "Coco"

  1. Ack! I can't believe I forgot that was last night! Darn it all! I am full of jealous.

  2. It was awesome, Michelle--I am sorry you missed it, too! It would have been fun to know someone there. None of my friends are into going to see bands they don't know. But I got to stand only inches from Joel Gibb while beating my tambourine. That made my night.

    The Hidden Cameras are on Twitter--they called us a "wild crowd." That's nice of them. :D



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