Squill, Squill, More Squill

Missing only every other DC Food Blogger Happy Hour is still a high percentage of not missing such events, right? I had laundry and dishes and plants screaming at me... I couldn't ignore them any longer, so sociality takes a back seat.

Speaking of screaming plants, the Indoor Garden has definitely been making a switch to more ornamental plants--those grow more handily indoors. The edibles are such drama queens: "Oh, I need water!" ::falls limp:: "Oh, you watered me? Let me drop all these promising flowerbuds! That'll teach you to ignore me for so long!" I'm still excited about the tomatoes and pepper that I just harvested (to be shown soonish), but I'll need to do much more research about what to grow for next year.

In the meantime, I have a lot of wonderful houseplants doing awesome stuff--like my little Scilla violaceae, South African squill. It offsets like crazy, and a few of the offsets have offset already, too! If I can't get someone to take some of these off my hand, at the very least I can keep them in a nice little cluster and have 'em be pretty. There are about 10 or so now (depending on if you count offsets, I have 13 or 14), in various pots around the Indoor Garden and one in the office. In this picture to the right (from a months ago, actually), you can see two offsets popping out. They have since been planted by themselves, and more are on the way.

Definitely a fan of this plant. Little fuss, few problems, and pretty leaves. If/when they flower again, I like those, too!

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2 Responses to Squill, Squill, More Squill

  1. I love your indoor garden!

  2. I love these plants. We have three at the UWO greenhouses. They're doing really well and have even been flowering.



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